The Foreigner is a solo-performance in the landscape between dance and theatre, created and performed by actress/dancer/artist Helene Skogland. The piece is about being a stranger, of feeling like a stranger, both in the world and in yourself. The Foreigner is looking for a place to call home, but is it possible to find home when you can’t feel at home in yourself?

Mentor: Claire DeWangen
Norsk Skuespillersenter og
Kulturfabrikken Sortland

“ Sometimes I get completely lost inside of myself,
To the point where I don’t know what is me anymore.
Then I get the feeling that the body doesn’t really belong
to me, like it’s a stranger. All the parts of it seems foreign.
And I feel that the skeleton is growing out of my skin
and I become bigger than I’m able to carry. “

In «The Foreigner» you meet «F» who moves to a new country, without knowing the language and without knowing what to expect in this new place. You follow «F» from the moment they land to the moment they’re back at the airport asking themself the question; should I leave or should I stay? Through a physical journey you follow «F» in their meeting with this new county, the culture, the language, love, with themself and their own identity.

« I didn’t come here to stay a foreigner in myself»